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Oversharing is Caring

Today I had a panic attack at school.

I don't wear mental illness like a badge. It's not, "Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm pretty much insane. Nice to meet you." But I'm not (usually) embarrassed by it either. It's just another thing about me: I'm tall. Right now, my hair is orange. I require medication to be a functioning human. Whatever.

I've never had a panic attack at school though. I'm outrageously grateful it didn't happen with children in the room. I'm really glad that I could just hide in my office and flip out alone. That's what I needed to do. See, our staff meeting today - it, it...was in a circle.

Did you laugh? It's totally okay if you did because that's really strange. Really, really strange. But sitting in a circle makes me anxious. I feel like I can't escape and the circle is getting smaller and smaller and the people are getting closer and staring more and then I can't breathe. It's one giant run-on s…

Yet Another Discussion of Data

Thus begins (another) Monday morning staff meeting. What do you see? What are the tendencies? Students are numbers - gosh, however will we get those numbers up? We have to show growth. Bigger, stronger, higher, faster, better.


And here I was. In the back (as usual) muttering to myself and writing my observations on the spreadsheet. My observation was this:

"What are Ss LOOKING FORWARD to?" I looked at all those numbers, and the main thing I could see was that students seemed to enjoy coming to school in first grade, second grade, then in third grade it levels out, drops in fourth, and is lowest of all in fifth. My takeaway was not that students were giving up - these numbers didn't show me that kids were finally deciding that they were "bad" at doing school and weren't going to try anymore. They'd have dropped off sharply if that were the case. Nor does it show me that school is really, rea…