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Educational Arson

Note: I'm really struggling lately with how I fit into my current position, so I'm visiting and revisiting my core beliefs in preparation for what I think will be a Transition-with-a-capital-T. So many of these pieces have been sitting as drafts in Blogger or on legal pads, but I need them out of my head and into the world where I can think about them...more out loud, maybe? This though, this I need you to know about me. This is the basis. This will explain it all:

This is my philosophy of education.

My job as a teacher is to light you on fire. To excite you. To let some ember of what I've mentioned, even in passing, catch hold and grow into a wild, all-consuming conflagration. I deal in passion.

And I want to watch you burn. I want to see what you'll do with that spark. Don't let me tell you what to do with it - that's up to you. Let it smolder. Let the wind from somewhere else whip it up. You're the kindling.

Don't you dare try to control it. Stoke th…

Regarding Gratitude

I had a really interesting conversation this morning, and it's much too long to tweet about, so here are my thoughts.

When you write things, people read them, and that's fine. Yesterday's post would be a draft like a million others if I didn't guess that somewhere, someone else was having a minor existential crisis like me. And when people read things, they have opinions.

This is not about trolls or haters.

It's about a grown-up conversation, in real life, between two people who respect each other, but see things differently. Shockingly, people can still do that.

So, Colleague read what I wrote and asked me why I was so ungrateful. Reptile Sarah was getting ready to throat-punch someone, but Intelligent Human Sarah asked her to tell me more. (aside: "Tell me more." is the most magical phrase in or out of the classroom. Try it. You'll see.) She said, "You have so many things to be grateful for: a beautiful family, a job, so many talents. People ha…

Change: I Fear It

No, but for real.

I'm a great teacher. I love sharing the joy of learning with anyone I meet. I can't help but teach people things. (and not just because I know a billion random facts about everything, but because everything is connected!) I like to inspire people. I like to make people work harder and get better and enjoy the process and grow and change and I create run-on sentences because I get so excited about teaching and learning that I can't breathe.

But I'm kind of hating teaching right now.
I don't hate the kids. Not at all. They're smiley and noisy and an entertaining challenge every 30 minutes. Sure, they can be really frustrating - I'd be lying if I said they weren't - but I still feel like they are coming to school for the right reasons. Obviously, it's compulsory, but they come with these eager faces. They're all shiny and ready. They're, they're...effervescent. Ebullient.

I'm not. I want to recapture what the students…