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Dear Teaching,

It's not you. It's me. For better or worse, we've both really changed since we've been together, and I don't know if we're as good of a fit as we used to be. I can remember when you made me so happy, and all I wanted to do was give back and give back. I wanted to be better for you. 
But lately, well, Teaching, you're a jerk Maybe you've been a jerk all along, manipulating me into giving you everything I've got, then asking for more. You've exploited my natural curiosity for your own gains. You know all my faults and just how to make them seem huge and insurmoutable. You make me feel bad about myself.
You, do, you know.
Teaching, you make me feel like I'll never be good enough for you. You keep changing the rules, changing the steps to this dance that I thought that we were good at together. Just when we're in sync and everything is going really well, it all falls apart again. I don't have two left feet, Teaching. I'm smart and c…

< rant >

You know what quote I hate most of all?
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. The most trouble I've ever been in with my principal got me told this long story about how these children in Africa found some fruit and they could either all go together to the fruit or one could go alone...
...or something because honestly I stopped listening since I had no clue what it had to do with me saying that I couldn't rearrange my schedule to fit in that one class since Monday was a holiday and a teacher missed prep time.


The moral of the story (I guess?) was essentially that phrase, and you know, I just don't see the world that way at all.

What's wrong with me going to scout out that fruit on my own and bringing some back? I can tell you where it is, if there was a lot of it, what dangers you find on the way. The quote naturally assumes the worst about people - that I'm going to hoard all the fruit (or whatever I find by going fast and a…
I have a Thing I want to say.

I've been writing it over and over again.

I edit it.

Seems shiny.

But I can't post it yet.

It's still not ready.

So I make another draft and edit that one too.

(Ooh. Shiny.)

But don't post it.

Because it's still not ready.

And I'm starting to think that maybe the post is ready,

But I'm not.