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A List That Actually Matters

I sort of wanted to give this post a cutesy title, like "My Edu-Valentines," but I'm incredibly serious about this. Yesterday, two of my favorite people on the planet, people I like and admire, were included in an exceedingly disappointing list of inspirational educators. (excuse me, "educationists.") They were both livid.

As they should have been.

The list was lily white and lacking women. Most of the people were not actually teachers - which you know, makes them a lot less inspirational to those of us who spend our days surrounded with the bright future of the world. AND THEN, after being called out for the poor quality of the list, the author - who is not a teacher, but a "blogger and digital marketing biz" person and moderator of #GuruChats - about branding (of which I have many thoughts) - asked for suggestions to improve it.

Okay, the first one is do your homework, don't run an algorithm.

But then I took a couple of moments to scribble some …

I Am a Tyrant

I read an article this morning that made me swear aloud in the lobby of a conference.
It wasn't my finest moment, but I was angry.
I still am.
The article, bestowed with the inflammatory title "The Tyranny of Being On Task" seeks to remind us that science says brain breaks are good and that it's okay if your kids don't look engaged because they might be processing differently. I have thoughts about that - that are generally positive - but we need to talk about this title. I understand that it did just what it was supposed to: make me click. But I had my mind made up about this article before the page loaded. (Never mind my aversion to the particular hashtags in the retweet.) The "tyranny" of being "on task." Really?
It's cruel and unreasonable, nay, oppressive to teach our students to expand their attention spans? I truly believe that it is part of my job to teach students how to do things that they are not doing outside of my classroom, …