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A Special Report on Specialists

Opinions wanted. What does everyone think the purpose is of specialists? Are specialist classes for exposure, deep level learning?+ — Kory Graham (@korytellers) March 17, 2017
I told Kory that my response would need to be typed, double-spaced 12-point Times, but this will do too. What's the purpose of specialists?


It's the truth and the truth hurts so, so much. — Sarah Windisch (@slwindisch) March 17, 2017 It's true. That's what created my job, and it's not me being jaded or burnt-out, it's me accepting reality. When being a specialist is awful, it's because you're treated like you're no more than a person who takes the class so you can make copies or pee or just have a moment because OMG they're so loud and inside recess and I just can't anymore...

I get it. Most specialists get it. It's fine. It's job security.

But the great part of being a specialist? Teaching something you're passionate about al…

This Plus This Equals That

Magma, Gojira's latest album has been on heavy rotation for me lately. It's a great album. You should listen to it, regardless of what sort of music you typically enjoy. On my way to work this morning, the line, "When you change yourself, you change the world" from the song Silvera dug itself into my brain. That idea wouldn't let go.
I thought about it all day. About change. How changing yourself and the betterment of the self is so glorified these days. I'm certainly not saying you should be stagnant. Good grief. No. Consider the Butterfly Effect, though. Or Newton's Third Law. Every action, every change, "good" or "bad" has a consequence also "good" or "bad." Change for change's sake seems to be a Thing right now, (Innovate! Iterate!) but I think it gets lost that we don't exist independently of each other. Not that you can worry constantly about the impact of your change on others, but it deserves your c…

Love is...

inspired by the #doodleaday prompt for 3/8/17 Draw love. Without hearts or using the color red.

No problem. Those aren't really things I associate with love so much anyway. Valentine's Day, yes, but love? Nah.

As I was thinking about this prompt, I realized that I am a person that "overuses" the word love. I'm always telling people that I love their ideas. Their funky socks. Their faces. I was wondering if that cheapens "love."

Then I realized that was probably the stupidest thought I'd ever had.
I tell people I love them and their ideas and thoughts and whatevers because I DO. Love for me isn't scarce. I don't need to ration it. I don't need to hoard it for myself. When other people are clever or creative or unabashedly themselves, it makes me outrageously happy, and I want them to know. I need to tell them that these little bits of awesome are noticed. Appreciated.

So that brings us to the doodle. It's a circle - no beginning, no e…