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Apply Now for the MSGLA!

[Warning. Contains satire.]

Are you a principal, head teacher, or other school leader looking to gain new leadership ideas that can be implemented immediately? Do you miss the feeling of belonging to a group of people exactly like you? Has it been a long time since you've enjoyed the heady drama of the Middle School Atmosphere ™️️ ?

Fear not.

You too can advance your skills with the Middle School Girls Leadership Academy (or MSGLA for short). Our staff provides training in rumor spreading, power struggles, and advanced backhanded compliments. We can teach you to make your staff feel like valuable members of a team, and then, with a single word from you, turn on one another viciously. We have a course that instructs you in the best way to hold a grudge at no cost to yourself, and strength training for throwing staff members under the bus.

These skills and ideas have been tested for decades in the halls of middle schools and junior highs across the country, and now they are ready t…

On Art

Art needn't be challenging to change you.
Art doesn't even need to be Art.
When something speaks to you,  take heed
It will whisper of the world and your place therein
If only you choose to listen.