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Oversharing is Caring

Today I had a panic attack at school.

I don't wear mental illness like a badge. It's not, "Hi, I'm Sarah and I'm pretty much insane. Nice to meet you." But I'm not (usually) embarrassed by it either. It's just another thing about me: I'm tall. Right now, my hair is orange. I require medication to be a functioning human. Whatever.

I've never had a panic attack at school though. I'm outrageously grateful it didn't happen with children in the room. I'm really glad that I could just hide in my office and flip out alone. That's what I needed to do. See, our staff meeting today - it, it...was in a circle.

Did you laugh? It's totally okay if you did because that's really strange. Really, really strange. But sitting in a circle makes me anxious. I feel like I can't escape and the circle is getting smaller and smaller and the people are getting closer and staring more and then I can't breathe. It's one giant run-on s…